Return Policy

Return Policy:
 we believe in serving the customers in the best way possible and thus we offer easy return options in case you are not happy with the quality of product. Here are our terms of return that are sold on

·         Some of the items cannot be returned back it is also mentioned in the product detail page so you shall careful read the info.

·         In case the products are damaged or defective, they must be returned in the original condition with all then accessories. You must also return the items in the same packaging as well.

·         The items that customers no further need must be returned to the store in the unopened condition only.

·         In case a wrong item is delivered to you, you must return it in the original packing only to claim your refund.

10 day replacement window:

 We provide a 10 day replacement and return guarantee on our products and the time is effective from the date of delivery. As such, you must be careful about filing the return as soon as possible or you may not be able to return the product. On certain products, the return window may be even lesser as they are prone to damage and you must be careful about them as well.

Replacement only policy:

There are certain products in our kitty over which return policy is not applicable. They can only be replaced and you must go through the product details to know about this further.