Privacy Policy

Privacy policy:

Krafts international knows very well that you are careful about the way your information is shared on the internet and we want to you do be sensible about it. By visiting our website, you agree with the services and practices described on our page.

What kind of personal information about the clients is gathered by Krafts International?

·         Our company gathers the information which is provided by the clients such as your name, address, your mobile number amongst others.

·         Our company also gathers your e-mail and communicates with you about the latest products and offers on our website.

·         We may also use some other sources to gather information about you to know you better.

Does Kraft International share all these information?

 We do not share your personal information on the web as we highly respect your privacy. But there are certain parts, that are not in our control and here is when we share your information:

·         We do not have any control about how the seller uses this information and he may leak your personal information.

·         We also hire some third party providers to work for us like delivering of the package or fulfillment of the orders and they might use your information for other things as well.

·         Sometimes, we also provide some promotional offers to some groups but they do contain any name. You can also opt out of those offers by making adjustment to the customer communication preference in the menu.